My  Path

Born and raised in Italy, I set foot in Paris in 2009.


Over the last ten years, I developed an expertise in different fields of professional photography


From 2010 to 2014 I've worked as an image retoucher/color etcher for several firms,

specializing  in various post-production workflows


Between 2014 and 2016 I've worked as the personal assistant of
Didier Delmas, a well renowed french lifestyle photographer and
Philippe Louzon, a seasoned photographer specialised in Luxury Still Life.


I've started my career as an independent photographer in september 2015.

Since that time, I've succesfully completed more than 500 assignements in

architectural photography, food photography and portraiture.

My main fields of expertise

Corporate Portraitist


Mobile Photographic Studio

for corporate Yearbooks


Portraits of CEO and Manager


Portraits de Groupe


Corporate Storytelling



Food and Drink Photographer


 Mobile photographic studio for

Food and Drink illustrations


Portraits of chefs and staff


Interior architectural photography for bar and restaurants


Storytelling for social media






Interior photographer specialized in


Hotels, Coworkings,

Stores and Showrooms



Architectural Photographer specialised in Urban Landscape




Rates upon request


Every firm is unique.

Every communication project is unique.

Every photographic assignement is unique.

For those reasons,  I invite you to contact me to detail the nature of your project

so that i can sew an intervention and a quote well fitted

to your needs


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